I honesty find life simple in the sense of what is required of me by life. If I asked life the question what do you expect from me, I am sure the answer would be simple. We have complicated life especially now, making it look like a pursuit of stuff and not what it ought to be happiness.

I am not talking in a manner to castigate anyone, I am just writing what’s in my mind. I told you here in this blog we keep it as real as possible. My name is Ng’ong’a and I welcome you to share your ideas about life so that eventually we all grow to maturity in all aspects of our lives. No single person can go it alone. We need each one of us to win this. You are important to the universe. Stay appreciated.

I find life simple. That’s why I sometimes laugh at the other life when it shoves it’s artificial demands or expectations at me. Anyone can knock at my door but I still have the power to choose which thought I open my door for. Stand guard at the door of your mind and heart. Not everything that comes glittering is good or safe or appropriate for you. A lot of ideas nowadays are clothed in sheepskin but are ravaging wolves within.

What if life expected us to just be still and express her grandeur all over this plane? To be like conductors or conduits of creative energy. To create with nature and not destroy nature. To be like co-workers with life to achieve her goals through what is now.

I am just thinking loud. What if society was designed by those before us to demand from us now more than we can naturally offer. Reality being an illusion simply means that what you perceive or your perspective of life isn’t perfect. You see what you want to see. Your view is distorted and my view is distorted. No single person has a ‘perfect’ or ‘right’ view to life. No one should judge you for choosing to view life the way you do.

We all look at the same view but see different things. We all can’t be wrong. Cheers!

Keep writing!


When was the last time someone told you how special you are? I want to do so now, right here! No one is too lofty to be appreciated. You are not too old for love. I believe we are all capable of love. No feeling beats the emotional kick that comes with loving someone and being loved back. You are special!

My name is Ng’ong’a, and I have an idea about life which I want to share with you here. That’s the sole purpose of this blog. It’s neither a right nor wrong idea. I just like speaking out and sharing what I think, feel and do about this experience called life.

It’s frustrating when people demand from you the exact same result you had in a previous role without them considering that things change. That because you did this at that place, you have to do the same here or there. Results are just consequences of lots of choices made after compromise, sacrifice, tears, sweat, effort and pain.

You are under pressure to conform to their expectation of you just because they have chosen to see what you did and not what you became. You did not just accomplish goals, you changed. The change may bring with it new challenges which to overcome you must level up. You must grow and that my friend takes time. People don’t want to give you time to grow. They want quick or instant results without going over the process.

People forget that with every experience you go through you grow too. We forget that these experiences keep changing us every day. In time you no longer remain the same. It’s about who you are becoming and not so much what you have done or did.

Who are you becoming?

Keep writing!


I want us to get this right earlier on in the year. We still have a lot of days ahead of us to make things right. Time is of paramount importance especially if you consider her place within love (beginning) and death (end). Today, let’s associate money with our happiness.

I am in the pursuit of happiness and it’s serious business. Welcome to this blog. My name is Ng’ong’a. I bet you are happy with your life right now. You and me are here to enjoy ourselves and to make our collective experience better than how we found it.

If you grasp this concept right away I tell you it shall be well. Money and happiness are not dependent on each other. Your happiness is not in any way related to your cash flow. Having more of the other doesn’t necessarily mean having the other in excess. While you pursue your happiness please avoid taking the route called money (currency).

The distinction between money and currency should be well understood. You need to find out the difference but I will talk about it in another blog post. It’s obvious that it would be difficult to live without the influence of money. I am not suggesting that you stop using money. Money is a tool and an effective one when used for its intended purpose.

Most of us confuse the two. We seek money with the mindset that it will get us happiness. We therefore are sad when we have no money and rather excited when we get a cheque. I know the entire system is based on trade and money is the major medium of exchange. This has made money to be in high demand. We sort of compete to have a share of it. Some of us even do unconscious acts just to get the paper money. We have transfered our power or energy to the tool of trade.

In short, your bank balance should be an indicator of the value you are adding in the market. Money is a result of the value, time, input and influence you are having at the market. Your value is directly proportional to your finances. Money enables you have easier access to options and experiences which result to happy moments.

You will be happy and you will be sad in life but let not the source of your happiness or joy and sadness or remorse be how much money you had, have or will have. Money is just a bunch of numbers and remember it’s infinite. You will never have enough of it.

Keep writing!

Last year

As always I am glad to be alive at this moment in this time of our human history. We are living in interesting times. I thought to let you in to what I made of the entire time that just passed, the time we called 2018.

My name is Ng’ong’a and I invite you to my blog. It doesn’t matter your past, we all have now to make tomorrow right. I have an idea about life and it’s awesome sharing it with you here. We are all capable of love.

Life is awesome. My life is amazing. I tend to find my life amazing because it’s not what I see but what am I looking for that matters. What you see is what you get. That’s not just a saying. It’s powerful. We all look at the same thing but see varied things.

The entire last year, I got this one thing right. That I ought to follow my heart. If I decide to do something or get something done, I ought to commit myself until its done. It doesn’t matter how huge it is at the beginning. Consistency is key here. I had huge goals at the beginning of the year. I considered them huge at that time because before that year, I had never committed myself to achieving such goals. I had goals yes but they weren’t as scary as the last year’s.

My head was telling me it’s impossible considering the facts and the environment or conditions I was living in at that time. But in my heart, my emotions were belting a different tune. It was a tune of victory. I chose to go with how I felt towards life.

Well, I didn’t rubbish the facts I just changed them to suit my interests. I have realised that my emotions draw the attention of creative forces to get to work on my reality. No matter what is, if I feel strongly about something, it manifests. This isn’t a shortcut or a formula to some form of success. It doesn’t exclude or take the place of hard work in our efforts at pursuing happiness. You have to work hard and feel great about it.

Follow your emotions and carry your thoughts with you but make it simple. Don’t complicate life by over thinking issues. Simple living. Much love to you. Cheers!

Keep writing!

To day

I am going to encourage you today. You are here, right now, that’s special in itself. It took you your entire past just to get to this day. Appreciate every moment and thing that happened and look at it in this manner; it happened for you and not to you. You did not come this far, to this very moment to quit on your self!

Hello my friend. I am glad to have this opportunity to share with you, through this blog, some of the core ideas I have for my life. My name is Ng’ong’a. I know we are all capable of love. To love and to be loved back is the the best thing that can ever happen to anyone in this life time.

I therefore believe in love. It is out of love that I want to pass by your door and find out who is the matter with you. Your heart or emotion is always open unlike your mind or thought which shuts down at the slightest impulse that’s unexpected. Life happens and it better be for you.

No matter what happens I insist you must not give up on yourself. It is pointless to point out your age because like I keep telling you, age is just a word. You can start even right now and be successful as long as what you pursue is what makes you happy and not necessarily cashed. It really matters to know what you want, not to be given by life but what to do on behalf of life. Like why are you here?

It is a question we all need to answer in all honesty. It is a difficult question and I can’t promise that you will find an answer easily. You will find an answer, that I can assure you but the path to your answer will not be smooth. You will tumble, fall and be hurt. You will be bruised, injured, you will sweat, tears will roll down your cheeks, you will look around to see if anyone is near to help but no one will. Have you ever been around people but you feel so distant from them by heart?

Happens a lot. You are stuck and need help but no one comes your way. You try to reach out but no one listens. You end up doing something crazy to draw the attention of those you thought cared for you. I know no one is old enough for love, care or appreciation. You can’t have enough of love or appreciation! You can’t quit when you love. Love your self first. Today!

Keep writing!


Every time you don’t create mostly its because you are in conserve mode. We are creators and the first creation happens in our head when we take our thoughts, feelings and add action to it. What was just a thought or an idea in your mind becomes an actual thing that has physical properties.

It’s evident that what stands in my way to creating the best version of my self is fear. My name is Ng’ong’a. I love writing because it’s an avenue that allows me share my ideas about life mostly for my own use and also to help me be accountable to myself. I write what’s real not what I wish were.

When you conserve instead of creating, you spend your energy on maintaining rather than on exploring life. Life isn’t meant for keeps. If you take water and keep it still, what happens over time? You know, I guess so! Life should flow because you are Energy. You can call her whatever name you want prana, chi, spirit, or energy but that’s exactly what she is. We are Energy beings. We have electricity within us. Your body is a power plant.

You were made to create not conserve. Go create and stop pondering over what to conserve because you lose more when you are not creating. Maybe the information you were given was wrong. Scarcity is not real. It’s something someone came up with to convince everyone that everything isn’t enough for all of us. But nature has no lack. You need to tell yourself that everything you need is right in place, when you require it.

Your life will stagnate if you continue conserving instead of creating. Your energy isn’t for sale either. You need to replenishing your energy each day. Eat healthy, exercise, practice breathing, forgive often, laugh a lot, have fun and keep creating!

Keep writing!


I haven’t arrived yet. I don’t even consider myself accomplished or having attained anything great yet. I am just on my way. A lot of people like talking, contemplating, reasoning, whining, finding an excuse, nagging and all that but I just want to keep doing. I admire Gary Vaynerchuk. I can’t compare myself to him but I truly want to reach at a level of doing similar to his. On this front, he is my beacon!

Hello my friend and welcome to my blog where I share my core ideas about life through words and pictures. My name is Ng’ong’a. I do this blog out of a sincere love for people. I know we are all capable of love. I consider love the greatest energy at work in our band of frequencies.

I like to consider this blog a home. Here, we are true to self first then each other. Here, we forgive, we say thank you and we practice love. I have my own struggles and I know you too have your share of the same. The struggles are as real as you and me want it to be. The more we resist, the more we struggle.

I said I don’t consider myself having achieved a level of doing that’s outstanding. I spend time thinking, reasoning with myself, judging various matters, weighing every decision and sometimes this goes on for a long time until I end up not doing the actual thing. The main thing that should be done is left unchecked because the entire time I was contemplating. It’s okay to think over a matter before taking action but what we are talking about here is not that.

A lot of us spend more time planning and drawing resolutions but the least time doing the actual work. Gary says that ideas are shit. Having a thousand ideas and putting none in use is nothing. Execution is everything. Planning is shit, doing is the real deal. This is why I want to keep doing. I need to talk about it but not more than I am taking action over it.

This far I have come, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. I have been tested and tried and thank goodness, nature has favored me. I haven’t come this far to quit!

Keep writing!