Laundry room

Have you ever thought about how your contact has been saved in your friends phone book? It’s interesting to find out. When you get the chance (someone left their phone on the couch unlocked) please do call your number and see the name you have been assigned by that particular friend.

We have different ways we each use to save people’s phone numbers in our phone books. Some of us use the place we met that person, others the type of work that person does or we just describe their physical characteristics all with the goal of finding it easy to recall when we need to call that person. Some of the names if they were to be seen by the respective callers are outright shameful or offensive.

What I don’t like about how you save my number is even after we have had some time to know each other individually and you know my name, my work, my personality or any other personal information about me, you refuse to edit my contact name to reflect what you know about me now. You still leave my contact with a name of my former work place!


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